Vehicle Variants
    STARIA Engine & Transmission
    3.5L Petrol MPi 8-Speed Automatic 2WD
    2.2L Diesel CRDi 8-Speed Automatic

    Key Specifications

    -8 seat (2-3-3 configuration)
    -18" grey steel alloy wheels
    -8" Multimedia display
    -6 speaker audio
    -Keyless entry

    + Hyundai SmartSense as standard
    STARIA ELITE Engine & Transmission
    3.5L Petrol MPi 8-Speed Automatic 2WD
    2.2L Diesel CRDi 8-Speed Automatic

    Key Specifications

    -Remote start by Smart Key
    -Smart Power Sliding Doors
    -Leather Interior

    + Hyundai SmartSense as standard
    STARIA HIGHLANDER Engine & Transmission
    3.5L Petrol MPi 8-Speed Automatic 2WD
    2.2L Diesel CRDi 8-Speed Automatic

    Key Specifications

    -Dual Power Sunroof
    -Heated Steering Wheel
    -Rear Passenger View Monitor
    -10.25" Supervision Cluster

    + Hyundai SmartSense as standard
    Exterior The exterior appearance of the new Hyundai Staria is something to behold. The design of the model is inspired by a contemporary lounge environment, while the sleek, smooth lines of the vehicle ensure it looks as cutting edge as they come. Then there’s the eye-catching front end. The futuristic front grille encompasses the LED headlights as well as the numberplate, while the narrow daytime running light spans the width of the vehicle for incredible visibility at all times.
    18-Inch alloy wheels The new Hyundai Staria Premium edition is equipped with a number of subtle features that make it truly stand out from the crowd. This includes tinted brass accents - particularly noticeable on the 18-inch alloy wheels. Not only do these look great, but they also grip the surface for exceptional handling at all times.
    Parametric pixel lights At the rear of the model, you’ll find unique and stylish parametric pixel LED lights. This eye-catching design lends the model a sense of futuristic style, while the tinted brass accents are an additional touch of class.
    Signature front grille Dominating the fascia of the Hyundai Staria is the distinctive front grille which occupies the lower half of the vehicle’s visage. The head turning design incorporates LED headlamps into the design, with the colour accents a subtle yet sophisticated touch.
    Interior An MPV such as the new Staria offers far more than your standard people carrier. This is a model that’s all about going above and beyond, providing premium materials throughout, incredible levels of space, and some of the most engaging technology available. The smart sliding side door makes accessing the passenger space simple, while the cockpit is blessed with digital displays and interactive touchscreens to keep you informed and in control.
    Mood lighting Creating the perfect driving environment couldn’t be simpler, with the 64 ambient lighting options enabling you to tailor the cabin according to taste. This will add a sense of relaxation throughout the model and make for enjoyable motoring all round.
    Digital displays A 10.25-inch digital display provides you with all key driving information in place of traditional dials. Combined with the eight-inch colour touchscreen at the heart of the dashboard, you can benefit from crystal clear graphics and intuitive controls.
    Premium quality With the luxuriously appointed seating of the new Staria, there’s never been a motoring experience quite like it. Flexible and versatile, you can tailor the seating arrangement to suit you, with conference style seating making it easy to have face-to-face interactions.
    Performance So, what can you expect when it comes to performance? The new Hyundai Staria is available in petrol and diesel options, with each providing exceptional levels of power and smooth motoring. The choice between manual and automatic transmission also means you will be able to find an edition that matches your driving style. You can also rely on Hyundai SmartSense technology to help stay safe throughout your travels.
    Petrol and diesel options Opting for the Smartstream G3.5 petrol engines enables you to benefit from a magnificent 272ps of power and maximum torque of 33.8kg-m. The 2.2-litre diesel, meanwhile, provides 177ps and torque of 44kg-m.
    HTRAC all-wheel drive Tackling off-road environments and challenging terrain is effortless thanks to the inclusion of HTRAC all-wheel drive. This innovative system ensures maximum traction of all four wheels at all times, providing responsive and capable handling.
    Driving aids The SmartSense suite of driving aids is among the finest around, incorporating such systems as Forward-Collision Avoidance Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Smart Cruise Control, and so much more for complete peace of mind.